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Prostate Health

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..........August 24, 2007

Who Am I?

I am a prostate cancer survivor!

In fact, if you are reading this page and have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, however long ago that diagnosis has been, you are a prostate cancer survivor too!

The purpose of this site is to provide useful information for anyone interested in this disease which affects hundreds of thousands of individuals and families worldwide every year (see left menu for information links).

Although one in six men will get this disease in their lifetime, survival rates are high with regular screening, early detection and proper treatment.

My free advice if you found out that have this disease is to stay positive, don't panic, and stay focused on each of the precious days, months, and years you have!

If you don't have the disease, thank God, and please spread the word to others for education, early screening, and detection.

Find a local support group or an on-line support forum (see left menu) so you can be in communication with caring people that can help answer your questions.

Finding cancer in your body is far from a death sentence! No one has an expiration date tagged his body!

You will find that you are in the driver seat. You are responsible, in consultation with your physicians, to choose the best treatment path for you to overcome this disease. Take time to get all the information you can. Get second and third opinions, talk to family and friends, and take time in between to breathe. This disease is usually slow going.

Please help spread the word to all men over 40 and particularly over 50 years of age regarding the importance of getting screened (PSA tests and DRE) by a doctor on a regular basis to determine whether or not they are at risk for this disease.

I know someday there will be a cure that won't require surgery or radiation therapy for us that are hit so young. For now, let's all be vigilant and press forward!

Please accept this as a little labor of love for those involved in anyway with this disease.

May God bless you and your loved ones!

An Idaho Guy

Contact: happyinidaho@gmail.com

Online Support Forums

Here are four great online support forums that may help you with more information, get quick answers to your questions, and to help others in the journey.

All the forums listed below require registration to contribute, but the registration is free.

HealingWell.com ("Prostate Cancer" forum)

HealthBoards.com ("Cancer: Prostate" forum)

Google Groups ("alt.support.cancer.prostate" group)

Yahoo Groups ("Prostate Cancer Support" group)

Audio and Video Links for You!

Excellent and sometimes technical audio files on advances in PCa

"Ask Dr. Barken" radio call-in show on PCa. Go to link "past shows"

Webcasts of Distinguished Speakers from Dr. Barken's site

Great videos at PCRI.org and they will send out DVD's!

Diet and Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Diet and Nutrition Manual

Diet Factors Against Prostate Cancer

Dietary advice that may reduce cancer risk

Can Natural Dietary Supplements Really Impact Prostate Cancer?

Is there Really "Power" in the Pomegranate for Prostate Cancer?
Click Here For Study Information...

Yahoo Article on Vitamins and Prostate Cancer

WebMD: Panel Questions Use of Multivitamins

WebMD: Nutrition Guide

Dr. Ornish Article on Use of Flax vs. Fish Oil

Is Flaxseed Oil a Risk for Men?

Flaxseed and Flaxseed Oil

Note: Any dietary changes should be discussed beforehand with your doctor.

For Those Seeking General Information

Congratulations for being pro-active about your health, and please, encourage others to do the same!

Getting “ahead of the game” in understanding your current, personal health is your best bet for success in prevention or for ensuring early detection of the disease.

As a supplement to your health care professional’s consultation, you may find information at the following links (below) helpful to you and that the information may better prepare you to ask questions:

Introduction to the Prostate:

WebMD’s Prostate Cancer Guide:

(there are a more complete set of links available at the left margin of this page)

Information Links Especially For You!

General information on prostate health and prostate cancer:

Prostate Cancer Research Institute:

International Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group:

Great information and experiences from prostate cancer patients:

Some prostate cancer news:
http://www.cancercompass.com/prostate-cancer-news.htm http://www.fightprostatecancer.org/site/PageServer?pagename=news_prostate

Free Online Book
( A Revolutionary Approach to Prostate Cancer - by Aubrey Pilgrim)

Has great, full length articles available:

Questions to ask your doctor during all phases of evaluation and treatment:

Comprehensive Profiling Tool: An on-line tool to profile your specific condition and explain various treatment options as they relate to you. You’ll need to do a free registration first. The tool may be used before and after treatment to provide additional information.

Complete 2007 American Urologic Association Patient Guidelines for doctors evaluating and treating prostate cancer (very interesting):

Additional patient guides and doctor guidelines:

Comprehensive national U.S. government guidelines repository (huge resource!, search on “prostate cancer” and type the double quotes in the search box):

Some information sites for those considering robotic prostatectomy:

More da Vinci laparoscopic surgery info and find a doctor link:

Complete video of actual laparoscopic surgery:
(don’t watch if you get queasy, my wife watched it first for me)


For those having longer-term needs in managing incontinence post-treatment:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Info:

An article about proton beam radiation therapy and includes proton vs IMRT:

Another article in PAACT magazine regarding Proton vs IMRT:

Pomegranate Juice and Prostate Cancer

The Potential Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Prostate Cancer

Pomegranate juice slows PSA acceleration rate after prostate cancer surgery, radiation

Health benefit of pomegranate juice on prostate cancer and the heart:

Can Drinking Pomegranate Juice Regularly Delay Prostate Cancer?

For Those Already on a Journey to Conquer the Disease

Congratulations to you for getting in front of the disease and for seeking additional health care information!

Your most important asset right now is a competent, local, health care professional whom you trust. Don’t be shy about getting second, and maybe third, opinions for any step of your personal diagnosis or treatment. In your situation, you are more likely interested in diagnosis details, treatment options, treatment risks, and projected outcomes.

You my find the information at the following links (below) helpful to you for understanding more about the disease and to inspire further question’s you’ll want to ask health care professionals to ensure proper treatment.

WebMD’s Prostate Cancer Guide:

A Primer on Prostate Cancer:

Prostate Cancer Treatment Guides and Decision Tools:

(there are a more complete set of links available from at the left margin of this page)