Information Links Especially For You!

General information on prostate health and prostate cancer:

Prostate Cancer Research Institute:

International Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group:

Great information and experiences from prostate cancer patients:

Some prostate cancer news:

Free Online Book
( A Revolutionary Approach to Prostate Cancer - by Aubrey Pilgrim)

Has great, full length articles available:

Questions to ask your doctor during all phases of evaluation and treatment:

Comprehensive Profiling Tool: An on-line tool to profile your specific condition and explain various treatment options as they relate to you. You’ll need to do a free registration first. The tool may be used before and after treatment to provide additional information.

Complete 2007 American Urologic Association Patient Guidelines for doctors evaluating and treating prostate cancer (very interesting):

Additional patient guides and doctor guidelines:

Comprehensive national U.S. government guidelines repository (huge resource!, search on “prostate cancer” and type the double quotes in the search box):

Some information sites for those considering robotic prostatectomy:

More da Vinci laparoscopic surgery info and find a doctor link:

Complete video of actual laparoscopic surgery:
(don’t watch if you get queasy, my wife watched it first for me)

For those having longer-term needs in managing incontinence post-treatment:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Info:

An article about proton beam radiation therapy and includes proton vs IMRT:

Another article in PAACT magazine regarding Proton vs IMRT: